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AFP Blockade Prevents Int. Humanitarian Aid to Muslim Refugees in Lanao del Nort

August 30, 2008

Iligan City – A relief worker confirmed that the AFP has imposed a food and humanitarian aid blockade on evacuation centers located in the Muslim municipalities of Lanao del Norte. The relief worker, who requested anonymity, complained to Luwaran that the AFP has prevented the UN Act for Peace Program, MERN, Peace and Development Advocates in Lanao, and Pakigdait, Inc., from distributing relief assistance such as food, medicines and other goods to Muslim refugees in Dilabayan, Kauswagan, Lanao del Norte today.

This same complaint was aired by a Muslim NGO official who said that indeed a food blockade has been imposed on Muslim communities in the war zones. While there is a free flow of humanitarian assistance to Christian refugee centers in Christian areas, she said Muslim refugees are not allowed by the military to receive the same aid assistance. This blatant discrimination, she further said, only shows that the military is anti-Muslim and anti-Moro.


Meanwhile, in a report from the war zones in Lanao del Norte, MILF Commander Bravo is reported to have attacked AFP positions in Nunungan, Poona Piagapo, yesterday after a satellite camp of the MILF 102nd Base Command was abandoned by the mujahideen and subsequently occupied by the military.


According to the same report, the attack could also be a response to Army Gen. Supnet who earlier dared Commander Bravo to a gunfight. The attack on AFP positions by Commander Bravo is said to have resulted, though unconfirmed, in the deaths of more than 30 soldiers. Accordingly, many of the dead casualties have not yet been recovered due to the ferocity of the attack by the MILF. The corpses are reported to be already in an advanced stage of decay.


In another development, an estimated number of two thousand government troops backed by heavy artillery and tanks have converged on the municipalities of Bayang, Binidayan and Lumbayanagui in Lanao del Sur. These municipalities are just a ‘stone’s throw away’ from Butig where the camp of Alim Abdulaziz Mimbantas, MILF Vice-Chairman for Military Affairs, and the satellite office of the MILF Peace Negotiating panel are both located.


According to field reports reaching Luwaran, the government troops are poised for an attack on the MILF in Butig. More reinforcements have been observed coming from Cagayan de Oro City and moving towards the direction of Bayang, Binidayan and Lumbayanagui.



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