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AFP continues to undermine ceasefire, devastating civilian communities

August 29, 2008


The Moro Islamic Liberation Muslim (MILF) and civilian communities hit the Armed Forces of the Philippines for its wanton violations to the ceasefire accord while pursuing punitive actions against the base commands of the Bangsamoro Islamic Armed Froces (BIAF) under Commanders Ameril Umbra Kato and Bravo Macapaar.

The AFP had been attacking the MILF main forces contrary to persistent claims that the actions were only directed to the groups of Commander Kato of the 105th Base Command and Commander Bravo of the 102n Base Command, a high ranking official of the General Staff of BIAF told luwaran.

He pointed out that from August 21 to 24, the AFP had been attacking the MILF Task Force Ittihad assigned in the municipalities of Shariff Aguak and Mamasapano. The AFP also fired at the Joint Ceasefire Monitoring Elements (JCMEs) of the GRP – MILF Ceasefire Committees assigned at Barangay Lab of Shariff Aguak.


“These attacks were against the MILF main forces,” he said, adding that the AFP had employed indiscriminate air strikes, artillery and mortar shelling that had been hitting innocent Muslim civilians and their communities.


Why is the AFP attacking the MILF main forces if it its military actions are only against the Kato and Bravo’s group,” he asked.


Civilians similarly condemn the unabated atrocities being perpetrated by the government. Concerned local government units reported earlier that at least five civilians were already killed due to the indiscriminate attacks by the government.


More than 20,000 individuals were uprooted from their homes and their livelihood destroyed and belongings looted by the marauding soldiers. Several houses and properties were also hit by the AFP air strikes and shelling.


Civilians also relayed to luwaran their amazement seeing hundreds of soldiers with long hair and several tattoos in their bodies. “They look like fugitives if not drug addicts and not soldiers,” they told luwaran.


For three days now, MILF main forces near the liguasan marsh in the municipalities of Talitay, Talayan and Guindulungan, all of Maguindanao were heavily bombarded by air strikes and artillery shelling by the government. Thousand of innocent civilians already evacuated, suffering and leaving their meager sources of livelihood.


Forces of the 104th Base Command of the BIAF were being hit by these attacks of the AFP. In fact, two had been wounded since the attacks were launched two days ago.


MILF and civilian communities in Tawi-Tawi were also attack by the AFP yesterday. The BIAF unit in this province is the 117th Base Command.


In Lanao del Sur, Ahmad Lao, a member of the MILF Ceasefire Committee also chided the uncoordinated and unusual consolidation of AFP and movements of forces apparently toward Butig, Lanao del Sur, wherein the satellite office of the MILF Peace Negotiating Panel is situated and the MILF Vice Chairman for Military Affairs is holding office.


“The AFP is clearly and without hesitation violating the ceasefire accord,” Lao said.


Accordingly, two AFP battalions in full battle gear and complete with mortar assets and howitzers had been moving from different municipalities toward MILF Camp Bushra in Butig, Lanao del Sur.  


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